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10 Reasons Customers Will Pay More | Inc.com

4. Your product burnishes the buyer’s reputation.

Consumers buy fancy-branded luxury goods because it makes them look and feel wealthy.  The same dynamic operates in the business world, which explains why companies are still buying high-priced, IT-intensive ERP systems.

5. Your product has a lower cost of ownership.

It’s not all about price… it’s about the time and money you spend after you purchase.  For example, an iPad costs more than a Windows netbook but requires less maintenance, thereby making it cheaper in the long run.

6. Your customer service is more friendly.

Companies underestimate the anger (and even hatred) that business buyers feel when they experience horrible customer service.  By contrast, customers will pay more when they know their problems are handled quickly and cheerfully.

7. The price difference isn’t worth the hassle.

Customers will keep purchasing something that’s higher priced if the difference between your price and the competitors price isn’t large enough to get onto their financial radar.  People don’t worry about the cost of salt when they’ve got big fish to fry.

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10 Reasons Customers Will Pay More.

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