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$1,000 iPhone X just the start of rising smartphone prices | Cult of Mac

Apple’s bet on a $1,000 smartphone has paid off in a big way, and that’s bad news for iPhone fans.

As the iPhone X continues to be Apple’s best-selling smartphone, analysts warn that it will encourage even higher price tags year after year. You can expect this year’s iPhone lineup to be even more expensive, and you won’t save much by shopping elsewhere.

Many people heavily criticized iPhone X’s hefty price tag when Apple confirmed it last September. Many analysts predicted disappointing sales as a result. Month after month, they claimed that Apple couldn’t convince enough people to part with $1,000.

As it turns out, they were wrong. The iPhone X has outsold every other iPhone since it first went on sale last November, and thanks to its increased margins, it’s lining Apple’s pockets like no other smartphone that came before it.

But don’t be too pleased for Apple.

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$1,000 iPhone X just the start of rising smartphone prices.

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