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16 Pricing Page Tips That Will Drive More Sales | The Daily Egg

If you can improve your pricing page, you can make more sales. It’s that simple.

In other places, I’ve explained some powerful tips that will make your pricing page absolutely irresistible. Here, I want to compile some of the industry’s best tips for optimizing your pricing page.

Most of my experience with pricing pages is in the SaaS industry. Although most of the tips below deal with SaaS products, you can apply the information to other ecommerce sites as well.

1. Provide three choices.

There are two major pricing mistakes. The first is not providing any choices. The second is providing too many choices.

The reason why you need choices is because customers prefer to feel in control over the buying process. They don’t want to be pushed into a single choice. Instead, they want to select the option that works best for them. The reason why too many choices is dangerous is because of analysis paralysis — making it impossible for the buyer to choose anything at all.

Three choices is the perfect number. If you have four, fine. Five, okay. Six, meh. Seven, risky.

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16 Pricing Page Tips That Will Drive More Sales.

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