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If there’s one subject that I get asked for an article on more than any other, it’s pricing. Video production pricing is a complex subject and there are many angles to come at it from.

Imagine this: you’ve scored a victory in getting that ideal client talking to you. You’ve pitched an idea and the company are receptive. But, like an elephant in the corner of the room, along comes price.

It’s almost like a dirty word to some people. So we call it different things: “your investment,” “your contribution,” “your monetary costing.” This just creates confusion.

In fact, it seems like so much of the video production community struggle with the issue of pricing when they get a meeting with that dream client.

So I’ve asked 17 experts in the video production and indie filmmaking communities to chime in with their thoughts on pricing. Because pricing isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ issue, I thought it best to present the topic from multiple expert POVs, so asking my friends in the community seems like the best move.

The biggest mistake what most people do then is say, “I’ll make a price quote and mail it to you”. If you do that you just lost a potential job.

You’ve done your homework and have fixed prices, so take out your price table and create a price quote right in front of him.

If he now believes the price is too much, you can adjust it together with him. Don’t lower your price, but leave off some extra lights or swap that fancy RED camera with a DSLR.

Because you’re open with your prices and making the estimate together with the client, you will have a stronger bond with them.

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17 Experts Share Their Tips on Video Production Pricing • Filmmaking Lifestyle.