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3 Change Management Principles For Implementing Your Pricing Strategy | PROS

If your organization already has formal market research and pricing procedures, it’s not a stretch to understand pricing software is an analytical tool that organizes data and supports decision making, without making those decisions. Pricing software offers a fast, accurate and efficient way to understand your opportunities by analyzing information about your market, competitors, differentiation and customer segmentation.

Most companies, however, still rely on more gut-level pricing approaches. Reps at these organizations might make decisions based on how they priced a product last week, what a customer asked for and other factors. In these situations, moving to an analytical approach requires a sweeping transformation in which you should expect to encounter different types of resistance to change.

As with any significant change, introducing the concepts of a pricing strategy and pricing software tends to make some people worry about keeping their jobs. In the wake of the recession, the drive to increase efficiency through technology often focused on reducing overhead associated with personnel. But that’s not what the pricing software conversation is really about.

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3 Change Management Principles For Implementing Your Pricing Strategy.

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