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3 Questions to Diffuse a Sales Price Objection | HubSpot

Taking the question at face value and simply answering it is like jumping from Point A all the way to Point G. While that might feel expedient, you need to understand points B, C, D, E, and F first or risk torpedoing your deal. What you really need to uncover is the reason the buyer is asking about price in the first place. That means answering their question with a question.

If only it was that simple. Talking about money can be a tricky thing. If the prospect asks you “How much does it cost?” and you respond with something like “How much do you think it costs?” or “Why do you want to know the price?” all you’re doing is irritating the prospect. Let’s not forget that your prospect has plenty of avenues to research price. The odds are they already have a rough idea of the cost of your offering.

In my opinion, the key to dealing with a price objection is a response that sets context then asks a question.

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3 Questions to Diffuse a Sales Price Objection.