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3 Ways Apple Crushed the iPhone 5 Pricing Strategy | Price Intelligently

Ever since Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, Apple followers have been in a fervor about the new elongated design, the wretched quality of Apple maps, and even about the price. Although I’d love to add more fuel to the fire by speculating as to how my house is now in the middle of a river, we’re all about pricing here, so let’s get back on topic.

In the past, Apple has received a lot of criticism for how they price their products, particularly how high they price their products and then how quickly they drop those prices. How slyly the late Steve Jobs answered the outrage of a dramatic price drop in two months is a post for another day, but looking at Apple’s pricing can teach you an enormous amount about your pricing. After all, depending on the day, they’re the largest company in the world. I reckon they know a few things about pricing.

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3 Ways Apple Crushed the iPhone 5 Pricing Strategy.

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