4K movies on Apple TV: Price dogfight breaks out | news.com.au

Apple is reported to be in furious negotiations with Hollywood studios to bring down the cost of 4K movies purchased in iTunes to make them about the same price as regular HD movies.

Being able to tell customers they are getting access to better value 4K movies would help Apple provide a point of difference as it tries to fend off the rise of cheaper competitor streaming devices which are gobbling up market share.

But Hollywood studios apparently aren’t going for it.

“I wouldn’t tell Apple how to price their iPads,” one studio executive in talks with Apple told the Journal.

Understandably, the studios view the emergence of 4K home entertainment technology as something akin to 3D tech and want to charge consumers about $5 to $10 extra for it, at least while it’s still considered a premium product.

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4K movies on Apple TV: Price dogfight breaks out.