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5 Discount Stores That Are More Expensive Than You Think | Wise Bread

If you think you’re getting a great bargain by shopping at big box stores that market themselves as purveyors of incredibly low prices, you may want to think again. Consider the alluring “loss leader” pricing strategy, for example. America’s discount retailers draw you in by selling certain items at or below cost. But, they make up for lost profits on those dramatic mark-downs by selling you other, higher-priced products during that same visit. By the time you reach the register, the amazing savings you reaped from that doorbuster special is reduced by all the other higher-priced items you purchased. (See also: How Retailers Manipulate You Into Spending More)

Stores use a variety of such techniques to make themselves only seem cheaper than they really are. Read on for our roundup of some of the big name stores that are more expensive than you think.

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5 Discount Stores That Are More Expensive Than You Think.