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5 Things to Consider before Pricing Your Freelance Services  | Truelancer

Some freelancers work over 80 hours a week but earn the same amount of money as a freelancer who works only 25 hours a week. The difference lies in pricing freelance services. This makes 80 hours per week seem pretty unfair and useless. This is also the reason why many freelancers give up and return to their full-time office jobs. Although there is no golden rule about the right pricing of freelance services, some general rules can help reduce working hours while increasing revenue.

1. View Advertised Gigs and Research

By viewing current ads, you’ll get a better idea about the benchmark pricing of your freelance services. However, you need to ensure that the advertised job is similar to yours. For instance, pricing freelance graphic design work does not work the same way as pricing freelance web design services. Both jobs have different requirement and different level of difficulties. If you fixed a very high rate, you are unlikely to land any job. On the other hand, if you undercharge for your freelance services, clients will doubt your competence. It is, therefore, essential that you charge the right price for your freelance services.

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5 Things to Consider before Pricing Your Freelance Services .

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