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5 Ways to Map Out The Best Pricing Strategy | Tech.co

You’ve built a quality product, you’ve marketed it to the masses, and your online presence is set up and ready to rock. Now there’s only one question: How should you price your products?

There are two things to consider. The first is selecting a price that people are willing to pay that will result in a profit. The second is determining how to present that price to potential customers. The following hacks, will help you use psychology in your pricing strategy to command better rates.

Use The Nines
If you pay attention to gas prices, infomercials, automotive pricing, and even the sales racks at your favorite store, you will notice one thing. Nines are everywhere! The reason for this is perception. Take a look at this link about a university study that really digs into the data behind this.

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5 Ways to Map Out The Best Pricing Strategy.

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