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51 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Predictions for 2018 | Forbes

AI will begin answering the question “Why?” Two things we’ve learned watching early adopters interact with AI systems over the last couple of years are: 1) Humans are not good at not knowing what an AI is doing, and 2) AI is not good at telling humans what it’s doing. This leaves users frustrated wondering “Why?” in the face of AI’s only current explanation: “Because I said so.” In 2018, it will no longer be enough for AI creators to shrug off users’ desire for more transparency by blaming the lack of communication on the fact that the machine is processing thousands of variables per second. In order to gain users’ trust that an AI system is working in pursuit of a shared goal, AI developers will begin prioritizing advanced forms of accountability, reporting and system queries that allow users to ask, “Why?”, in response to very specific actions—Or Shani, CEO, Albert

Personalized Dynamic Pricing. We predict a move of major ecommerce sites (mostly fashion, electronics, food and drugstore) to real time pricing personalization. Online and brick and mortar pricing will be based on behavior, supply and demand and competitive pricing. Unlike today’s dynamic pricing which changes according to variables specifically not customer-related, personalized pricing will reflect a unique offer received per shopper. Prices will change frequently to reflect a personal offer. The online experience will be emulated offline with all store supply tagged with electronic pricing. There will be a price on the page or on the shelf, and then there will be “your” price—the unique offer you receive—Dan Baruchi, CEO, Personali

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51 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Predictions for 2018.

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