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7-Eleven $3 coffee cup trick exposed | news.com.au

A 7-Eleven spokesman said the convenience chain’s coffee was “outstanding value for customers and the simple $1, $2, $3 price points are based around industry standard cup sizes”.

“Depending on the product the customer selects, there are different ratios of coffee, hot milk, and milk foam — proportionately more for each cup size — and of course the foam does settle over time, or when being repoured as in this example,” he said.

“One of the reasons we introduced other sizes is because our customers told us they wanted the convenience of a range of sizes to choose from. But customers are welcome to super-size the value they get from our coffee by purchasing three $1 coffees instead of the $3 size.”

He added that 7-Eleven would “also encourage the filmmakers, and all our customers, to use our in-store cup recycling units and rescue their cups from ending up in landfill”.

According to 2017 Square Australian Coffee Report, the national average price for a regular-size cappuccino — typically eight-ounces, or 240mL — is $4.10.

McDonald’s is the country’s largest coffee chain, selling roughly 84 million cups a coffee a year, or somewhere between 144,000 and 250,000 per day.

Cheap coffee has emerged as a major convenience battleground in recent years, with Coles Express recently launching 80-cent coffee to try to undercut 7-Eleven.

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7-Eleven $3 coffee cup trick exposed.

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