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7 Types of Discounts and Coupons to use if selling online | Selz Blog

Discounts or coupons are a great way to boost sales and to attract new customers. One reason that people prefer to offer discount coupons rather than purely reducing the sale price is that coupon codes offer you greater flexibility in how you apply them, discounts create a sense of urgency and you can easily measure their impact. There are a number of different ways that you can use discounts or coupons.

Other things to keep in mind

  • Keep your offer simple. The simpler the offer, the easier it is to explain and the less decision making your customer has to do before they act on it.
  • Make the offer worthwhile and something of value. If you’re selling a product for $100, don’t offer a discount of $2.50 as it’s not going to cut it and you’ll end up disappointed.
  • Creating a coupon code. You can create a simple coupon code yourself, for example “FreeShip” for free shipping using Selz. Alternatively, you can get the Selz platform to generate a code which will look something like this “4V3QDHDO”.
  • Remember to promote your coupons. I know that this sounds obvious, but if your fans and customers don’t know about your coupon code, they can’t use it. So include it in emails, post it to your Twitter and Facebook page, and you can also advertise it on your website or blog.

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7 Types of Discounts and Coupons to use if selling online.

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