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8 Psychologically Proven Pricing Strategies that Guarantee Conversions | Advanced Web Ranking

Pricing is a marketing headache, and for good reason. It takes some pretty intense understanding of Economic Theory to price your products just right and can mean a lot when it comes to who buys your product. And if finding a perfect price isn’t enough, you have to consider packaging and presentation.

We all know that perfectly pricing your product and sculpting landing pages to emphasize those prices can be the small difference between generating a profit and incurring horrible losses. It’s a delicate process that takes a lot of testing, time and most of all, patience.

Some of these pricing strategies straddle the grey area that exists between persuasion and manipulation. While you should never, ever want to cross that grey area, they can be insanely effective. But humans are “predictably irrational,” and there’s nothing wrong with leveraging your knowledge of human nature to give consumers the final nudge towards your conversion goals.

Here are some pricing hacks, backed by science and real world examples, which will help drive conversions and increase revenue.

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8 Psychologically Proven Pricing Strategies that Guarantee Conversions.

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