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Abirami Ramanathan, the president of the theatre owners association, adds, “We should be able to alter the ticket rates depending on the film and time of show. But this system should fall within the range fixed by the state government. Such a pricing scheme will work only for a few Tamil films and other language films. For smaller films, we should charge lower rates to attract the audiences.”

A call for transparency

Flexi ticket pricing will stop screens, mainly outside of Chennai, from indulging in black marketing of tickets. There will be more transparency and the actual box-office numbers will become available. The pricing will be a combination of prime time and the day you choose to watch a film. Like in other metros, the Tamil Nadu government should also allot 16 to 18 hours for screening films, without taking the number of shows into account.

As other home entertainment options (Netflix, Amazon) continue to innovate and deliver quality entertainment at reasonable prices, cinema theatres in Tamil Nadu should experiment with dynamic pricing. Provide huge discounts to films that are not attracting the audiences, while also charging higher rates for films that have become hits. The life span of a film today is just 72 hours, and if a film does not open well, theatres should sell its tickets at lower rates from Monday.

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