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A Legal Pricing Meditation | Hire an Esquire

We’ve saved a major announcement for the P3 2019 Pricing Conference: We’re now offering a subscription staffing service. Law practices and legal service companies can now subscribe to our platform for low to no fee permanent hiring and dramatically reduced payrolling fees for flexible hires. You can read more about the “how” here, we’d like to devote this to the “why”.

We can’t discuss the “why” without discussing the importance of pricing. Pricing doesn’t sound glamorous—and it doesn’t get the hands-a-waving of the aspirational legal tech fan kids (many of whom seem to have never practiced law or been involved in the realities of practice management) like “AI”, “Machine learning”, “Big Data”, and “Blockchain”.

In our 8+ years of selling into law firms at Hire an Esquire, we have seen pricing demands drive innovation and the adoption of new models and technology more than any other single factor (as well as every other factor combined). If not for pricing pressure, clients would have never given tech and price forward alternative legal service concepts and small law firms a chance; Biglaw would never be forced to adopt process and technology innovation to compete. Hire an Esquire wouldn’t have been able to challenge the brick and mortar agency model. When we first began, law firms didn’t care that we were more efficient and accurate, but their clients and their budgets eventually did. The small firms that have been a key part of Hire an Esquire’s traction have been able to flex their muscles and grow rapidly (using Hire an Esquire and flexible staffing as an integral part of their growth plan) because of this cost-conscious environment. Many of these firms are led by former biglaw partners who defected to better respond to market demands.

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A Legal Pricing Meditation — Hire an Esquire.

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