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As family physicians counsel their patients on the best treatment regimens, sometimes that means turning to expensive prescription drugs.

This week, the AAFP threw its weight behind efforts to push back against drug price increases by joining the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing(www.csrxp.org) (CSRxP). The campaign is a nonpartisan coalition of organizations — including nonprofit medical associations, insurers and hospitals — that seeks to strike a balance between innovation and affordability in the pharmaceutical industry.

“As physicians, our work focuses on ensuring our patients have access to the highest quality of care, including the prescriptions they need,” said AAFP President John Meigs, M.D., of Centreville, Ala., in an April 6 announcement about the move.(www.csrxp.org) “We’re pleased to join a national dialogue that ensures both innovation and affordability of medications. Working together, we can find a solution.”

The campaign compiled grassroots videos of voters across the country telling personal stories of skyrocketing drug prices to members of Congress and candidates from the past presidential election cycle, and it has released a detailed proposal(www.csrxp.org) of potential solutions to the problem. Family physicians are critical to the effort.

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AAFP Joins Campaign to Push Back Against Rising Drug Prices.

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