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Accell Presents Dealer Focused Omni-Channel Set-Up in US | Bike Europe

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In order to tackle disruptions caused by high discounts advertised by webshops, Accell North America is changing its price policy from Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) to Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP).

Equal ‘advertised’ pricing
Minimum Advertised Pricing is the lowest price a retailer and/or webshop can advertise the product for sale. Not the lowest price they can sell it in their store, but the lowest they can show in print and/or online in an advertisement. It means that a bike MAP priced by for instance Accell at USD 999 distributors like dealers and webshops are not allowed to advertise it (on or off line) for sale lower than USD 999. US antitrust statutes regard this legal as Minimum Advertised Pricing only relates to ‘advertised’ pricing and does not tell a retailer what they can sell it for in their store. It also offers protection for manufacturers in particular as ‘advertised’ highly discounted prices brings brand erosion. To enforce equal MAP prices in all distribution channels Accell makes use of a third-party price monitoring service named Oris.

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Accell Presents Dealer Focused Omni-Channel Set-Up in US.

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