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Action News Investigation: Stores offering ‘Bogus Bargains?’ | 6abc.com

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Stores are always advertising sales, but are they really offering you a great deal?

As it turns out, a nearly year-long test has found potentially disturbing pricing policies at more than a dozen national retailers.

Checkbook Magazine found that, too often, sale prices aren’t offering you special savings at all. Instead, they’re creating a bogus sense of urgency to buy.

Stephanie Patterson is one shopper who found an unwelcome surprise after looking at little more closely at a pair of earrings. They had a yellow clearance tag with a price of $128.

“And I said, ‘Geez, I wonder how much the earrings were originally?'” Patterson said. “So I peeled the sticker back and – lo and behold – they were priced at $98.”

Yes, the original price was $30 less than the advertised clearance price!

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Action News Investigation: Stores offering ‘Bogus Bargains?’ | 6abc.com.