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AdTheorent® Launches “Cost Per Incremental Visit” Ad-Pricing Model | Business Wire

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AdTheorent, Inc., an advertising technology company using data, predictive analytics and machine learning to provide competitive advantages to marketers as measured by real-world business outcomes, today announced the launch of a new Cost Per Incremental Visit (“CPIV”) ad-pricing model. The goal of AdTheorent’s CPIV model is to optimize and drive incremental visits to physical locations such as retail stores, dealerships, theme parks, movie theaters and other attractions – i.e., visits that would not have occurred absent a given ad campaign. Under this model AdTheorent’s advertisers derive measurable value from each campaign because they pay only for ads that yield an incremental physical visit. AdTheorent’s CPIV ad pricing model is third-party measured with Placed Attribution, the leader in ad to in-store attribution.

Unlike a handful of other recently launched solutions that offer advertisers the option of a “Cost Per Visit” (CPV) pricing model, AdTheorent’s CPIV model is designed to identify location visits that are truly incremental and representative of “lift” caused by exposure to the ad campaign — not counting visits that likely would have occurred regardless of the ad campaign. Just like “mis-clicks” that can obscure the real value of ad “clicks” to an advertiser, CPV pricing uncorrelated to in-store or location “lift” (i.e., visits that were incremental because of the ad campaign) may over-state an advertiser’s campaign ROI.

“AdTheorent’s machine learning platform combines billions of data attributes into custom models used to identify and engage optimal audiences based on a given advertiser’s desired goals,” said Josh Walsh, AdTheorent’s President, Media. “Our high-performing predictive models afford us the luxury of developing a pricing model that guarantees ROI for AdTheorent advertisers – whether that be a lift in in-store, movie theater or dealership visits or some other real-world business outcome.”

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AdTheorent® Launches “Cost Per Incremental Visit” Ad-Pricing Model | Business Wire.

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