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After Backlash, Ubisoft Will Keep $40 Rainbow Six Siege Standard Edition | Bleeding Cool

Ubisoft issued an official statement on the Rainbow Six subreddit which in part announces that the Standard Edition of Rainbow Six would no longer be getting a price increase.

The statement primarily concerns itself with issues brought up by Siege’s veteran players. “We have seen the frustration from our veteran players rise to the top of the discussion,” Ubisoft stated. In response to those concerns, Ubisoft is also giving away the “upcoming Ash Sidewinder Elite skin for free” to veteran players who play before March 6th.

On the price increase specifically, Ubisoft addressed new players and fans “concerned about introducing your friends to the game.” As a result, they are leaving the pricing of the Standard Edition at $40 instead of the planned $60, saying, “we will be keeping the Standard Edition in the store at the current price.” There was no word on Siege’s Gold or Complete Editions which are also facing a price increase next month.

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After Backlash, Ubisoft Will Keep $40 Rainbow Six Siege Standard Edition.