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Agriculture, finance ministries sign deal with dairy farmers on pricing | Haaretz

Agriculture representatives, the Finance Ministry and the Agriculture Ministry signed an agreement late Sunday night regarding the dairy industry for the coming years, after negotiations that lasted a year.

The agreement’s goal is to prevent a rise in consumer dairy prices, despite the increase in raw milk prices over the past two years.

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Treasury officials say the deal is expected to substantially lower dairy prices, saving Israeli households hundreds of shekels a year. The decrease won’t be immediate but rather to commence in another two years. Until then, the deal is expected to freeze prices for controlled products, even though the wording of the deal allows them to rise 5-6%.

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon signed an order on Monday to reduce customs on most imported dairy products starting in January. Treasury officials say that customs on yellow cheese will be lowered 38% and will continue to be reduced over the coming years to a rate that is 62% below current levels by 2026.

The treasury’s most urgent goal in solidifying the agreement was pushing back against a petition filed by Tnuva to the High Court of Justice because of Kahlon’s refusal to increase prices on controlled products.

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Agriculture, finance ministries sign deal with dairy farmers on pricing – Israel News – Haaretz.com.

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