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AI Is Fast Disrupting The Travel Industry. Here’s How. | Analytics India

Dynamic Pricing And Forecasting
This point ties in with recommendation. While OTAs make recommendations based on various factors, the most important factor is affordability. To keep a track of these changing prices and suggest the best price to a customer, AI can come handy. It forecasts where travellers would want to go and accordingly present ads that can cater to the various sections of customers. This has been made possible by predictive analytics developed on machine learning algorithms.

Hello Hipmunk, a personal virtual travel assistant from Hipmunk, has successfully merged with messaging platforms such as Facebook, Slack and Skype, and provides all round assistance to users. When asked a question, it accesses massive datasets of pricing, itineraries and room inventory, to provide instant and contextually pertinent advice. It also provides alerts based on preferences such as price. It delivers a personalised experience by remembering conversations about future travel plans, and shows suggestions for hotels and more on the tentative dates.

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AI Is Fast Disrupting The Travel Industry. Here’s How..

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