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Airfares more than double for India sector from UAE | Khaleej Times

Expat families are busy packing for their vacation starting this weekend as schools close – except that, this time, they feel pinch of the summer airfare hike.

With less flights and high demand, ticket fares have skyrocketed up to 50 per cent, according to industry experts, who believe that the situation is mainly driven by the Jet Airways shutdown. Jet Airways, which had 11 flights from Abu Dhabi and four from Dubai, ceased its operations in March as the airline hit bankruptcy.

Jatin Gondalia, senior manager of Holidays Dubai, said consumers were affected as fares soared by up to 50 per cent. “Travellers had to reschedule their vacation plans as Jet Airways stopped its operations and, hence, other airlines had to absorb the regional demand. Currently, a business class ticket per person on Emirates is priced at Dh6,500, which used to be as low as Dh3,500 per person,” said Gondalia.

Hemali Shah, managing director of City One Tourism and Travel, said airline prices during the summer season are “more than double for the India sector”.

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Airfares more than double for India sector from UAE – Khaleej Times.

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