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Amazon Accused of “Surge Pricing,” Misleading Consumers During Prime Day | Dealerscope

According to a recent report, a vendor who sells direct through Amazon has stepped forward to accuse the ecommerce giant of misleading business practices. Specifically, they said that Amazon jacked up the suggested retail price of their product on Prime Day 2017 to make it seem like the discount consumers were getting was far better than it actually was.

In the report, Jason Jacobs, founder of Remodeez—a company that makes nontoxic foot deodorizers and other odor defense products—said he’s been doing business with Amazon since 2015 and has an agreement with the company that lists his product with a suggested retail price of $9.99. However, he found that on Prime Day, that price was nearly doubled.

“They showed the product at $15.42 and then exed it out to put ‘$9.99 for Amazon Prime Day,’” Jacobs told FOX Business. “And on the final day, the price was like $18.44. So, we put a support ticket in right away and I rallied some friends through social media to go to their complaint board and complain.”

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Amazon Accused of “Surge Pricing,” Misleading Consumers During Prime Day – Dealerscope.

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