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Amazon Web Services shakes up cloud pricing with per-second billing |Hi Tech Beacon

Amazon Web Services customers will soon pay for their elastic cloud compute (EC2) Linux instances and elastic block store (EBS) volumes by the second instead of by the hour, the company announced today.

AWS has offered per-hour billing since launching services in 2006.

Per second billing for all new and existing Linux instances on EC2 and EBS will be available starting October 2.

Amazon believes the new pricing model will be cheaper for many customer workloads. Similarly, provisioned storage for EBS volumes will be billed in one-second increments. With per-second billing for the EC2 instances in the clusters, adding nodes will be more cost-effective than ever. AWS Batch already launches and terminates Spot Instances; with per-second billing batch processing will become even more economical.

Google’s senior management team has previously criticised the use of the per-hour billing models, favoured by Amazon and others, because users can end up paying more than they need to for a few minutes of cloud use. AWS never complied with Google and Microsoft’s minute billing, which had a ten-minute instance minimum.

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Amazon Web Services shakes up cloud pricing with per-second billing.