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Obliterates the Intel HEDT and Core i9

Jim Andreson, a senior vice president and the general manager of computing and graphics at AMD has given us an update on the Thradripper and this 16 core HEDT bomb looks awesome.

Jim pointed out that the  Ryzen 7 launch caused Intel to change its HEDT pricing strategy.

Intel mysteriously launched a Core i7 7820X at $599 and dropped the eight core HEDT price from $1,089, a Core i7 6900K launched in May of 2016.

Threadripper was announced in late May and Intel launched Core i9 7900X at $999, a massive drop from $1,723 – the price of the Core i7 6950 launched in May 2016. It looks like  Intel’s HEDT group changed quite a bit as a reaction to things to come.

Ryzen Threadripper 1950X has sixteen cores, 32 threads and basic clock of 3.4GHz. The boost clock gets this sixteen core beast to 4.0 GHz. The platform has 64 PCIe lanes and 4 channel DDR4 memory support. It is unlocked and built for overclocking. The target group are enthusiasts and creators, and Threadripper 1950X is going to sell for $999.

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AMD senior man spills the beans on Threadripper.