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Apple announces ‘Apple Arcade’ game subscription service | Mashable

At long last, Apple’s getting into the games.

This is more Xbox Game Pass than Stadia, an important distinction. Subscribers get access to a library of “more than 100” games, a curated list that’s meant to be highlighted by an abundance of exclusive titles.

This isn’t a streaming service, it’s important to note. Where Google’s newly announced Stadia aims to offload the need for expensive hardware into remote data centers, Apple’s approach is still bound to certain, unspecified devices in the mobile and desktop spaces. Games are downloaded rather than streamed.

While many of the details remain unclear — we don’t know price or launch date, beyond a vague “fall 2019” promise — the big surprise of Apple’s reveal was a focus on the games themselves. For one, the company is teaming up with a whole mess of major publishing interests.

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Apple announces ‘Apple Arcade’ game subscription service.

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