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If rumors are to believe, Apple iPhone 9 will be less expensive than iPhone X

Apple introduced its iPhone X last month. The 10th-anniversary-iPhone is scheduled to arrive on 3rd November. The handset carries a hefty price-tag ($999 / £999 / AU$1,579) and some impeccable, high-end specs. For instance, it includes a dual rear camera setup. Another primary highlight is its edge-less front panel. The device’s front cameras come packed with 3D technology that support facial recognition system. Individuals can merely look at the phone and unlock it. Apple’s latest offering also arrives integrated with Augmented Reality (AR) – related features. All of this is made available for a starting price of $999. This makes iPhone X the most expensive smartphone by Apple till date.

According to a report by Tech Radar, a new rumor claims that iPhone 9 – which will be introduced in September, 2018 – will have similar features as iPhone X. The only difference will be that the device will be available for a comparatively cheaper price

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Apple iPhone 9 to be less expensive than iPhone X: Rumor.