As a driver, I would support pay-per-mile road pricing | The Independent

You can see the problem though. Once we all have our electric personal transportation pods what will happen to the roads? Apart from some toll bridges, motorway sections, and the London congestion charge zone today, they are free to use at the point of use. Some method of prioritising essential and emergency traffic has to be found, to push users out of peak times and busy roads into quieter less-congested times and routes.

Well there is no better method of rationing than by price, though I admit that busy times and roads will become more the preserve of the wealthy in such a set-up. Road pricing is, then, a bit regressive but it is probably the fairest way to regulate road use. In a world where electrification also threatens traditional sources of government revenue, it needs to be brought in to protect the funding of public services, including investment in roads and public transport, because all those duties on petrol and diesel will start to decline sharply. Payment by the mile is one easy way to do it.

And even if autonomous cars and electric power doesn’t arrive anytime soon, there is still a case for some road pricing on the most rammed routes at busy times, because the question I didn’t ask myself about what Grayling was saying is “how will this make my car journey shorter and more pleasant?” I just assume that there’ll always be jams and there’s nothing anyone can do about them.

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As a driver, I would support pay-per-mile road pricing | The Independent.