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As cinemas move to flexible pricing, how to find the cheapest tickets | The Sydney Morning Herald

On Sunday evening – tonight – you could catch Jurassic World at Event George Street for $22 ($21 with Cinebuzz membership), although the most popular times during the week are often stacked with giant screen VMax sessions costing $27 ($26).

Less than two kilometres away, you could see the same Hollywood blockbuster for $19 at Palace Central ($16.50 for members) and Hoyts Broadway.

A short bus ride away at Dendy Newtown, a ticket costs $22 ($16 with a Club Dendy membership costing $18 a year).

But if you live near Reading Cinemas in Auburn, Rhodes or Rouse Hill, the standard price for all movies is just $10 any time of the week.

While booking online means an extra fee, it can also deliver a bargain when ticket sales have been slow. At Event Castle Hill last Wednesday, Cinebuzz members could buy a same-day ticket to Jurassic World  for $11.

The chain’s general manager for entertainment, Luke Mackey, describes ticket pricing as “more fragmented than it’s ever been”, adding: “There’s a lot more competition … we have to be competitive all the time.”

Mackey says Event wants to encourage Cinebuzz members to see more movies. And he believes they still want to go to the cinema even if they are watching films on Netflix and iTunes at home and on public transport.

“I think we’re getting smarter at making the offer right for people to come when it suits them,” he says.

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As cinemas move to flexible pricing, how to find the cheapest tickets.