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As Cocoa Prices Raise, Manufactures Struggle with Pricing | ZUU online US edition

The third quarter of 2013 cocoa prices were up by 21%. Hedge fund managers began making positive sounds and predicted a “bull” market for cocoa commodities. Bull markets indicate investor confidence and expectations for strong markets.  (Note: bull and bear is used to describe markets according to the way these animals attack their prey. A bull thrusts it horns up, and a bear swipes down. Metaphors for the movement of the market means if the trend is up it’s a bull market. If the trend is down, the market is considered a bear market.) Cocoa futures are still trading in unprecedented numbers, and there are predictions that the current steady economic growth in the world’s developed countries continues. In addition to economies brightening, new consumption markets like Brazil and China give cocoa suppliers the impetus to raise their prices.

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As Cocoa Prices Raise, Manufactures Struggle with Pricing.

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