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As flagship prices rise, are you considering more affordable options? | PhoneDog

Last year, Apple made waves by not only announcing the iPhone X with its unique “notch design”, but also because the company was charging quite a bit of money for the entry-level variant of the handset. The price of entry to get on the train for Apple’s newest flagship smartphone was $999 in the United States, and even higher in other countries.

Of course, this is Apple and price is something that has always been something that gets put under the microscope. With so many competing products out there, and most of it available for a distinct difference in price on the lower end, the fact that Apple all-of-a-sudden wanted to start charging a grand for its newest phone wasn’t all that surprising.

Some had even argued that it was only a shock that it took this long.

Still, Apple didn’t only launch the iPhone X and call it a day. It also offers the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and there are still older models to choose from, too. If you want an iPhone but don’t want to fork over $1,000 to do so, there are ways to do that.

Not that Apple is seeing a huge backlash against the pricing, though. The company’s latest quarterly earnings were huge, and part of that comes from iPhone X sales. Even as rumors swirl that sales for the newest iPhone weren’t that great, Apple’s own sales figures and statements suggest the opposite. At the very least, it looks like the iPhone X has been selling well as far as Apple is concerned.

Will other companies see the same thing happen when/if they raise prices for their own phones?

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As flagship prices rise, are you considering more affordable options? | PhoneDog.