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Ask a freelancer: value-based pricing | Millo

Millo Mastermind is a great place to talk shop about the business side of freelancing.

We’re all great designers, writers, illustrators and artists, but the thought of contracts and pricing and scope creep can send even the most battle-tested freelancers running back to full-time employment.

That’s why we decided to create a space dedicated to answering your financial questions. Once a month, we’re going to answer reader questions from awesome masterminders like you here on Ask a Freelancer.

Today’s question comes from Amanda H. of Vancouver, British Columbia:

“How do I price for client value? I understand in theory that Starbucks gets more value out of a website than my local coffee shop, but not sure how to figure out pricing around that.”

Value-based pricing sounds great in theory but can be difficult to practice.

Most of us come from an employee mindset. We get a job. We punch a clock. We trade hours for dollars.

That’s ok when you have a job. You know how much you’re going to make and can budget accordingly.

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So, we carry this mentality into our freelance business. We charge our clients hourly rates. We trade hours for dollars. But there’s a problem.

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Ask a freelancer: value-based pricing.

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