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ATPCO product gives airlines more pricing info from competitors | Travel Weekly

Industry analyst Henry Harteveldt, president of Atmosphere Research Group, said the new technology could help airline pricing departments be smarter and more effective.

As far as its impact on consumers, he said that will be less obvious. In some cases, airline pricing departments will use the extra information to lower fares or offer promotions. In other cases, they will use it to increase fares.

“There will be benefits if it means airlines are able to price in a more intelligent or more thoughtful manner,” Harteveldt said.

The new data availability could also inform airlines as they move increasingly toward real-time dynamic pricing, in which prices are changed throughout the day rather than in less frequent increments, and personalized pricing, in which fare offers — especially bundled offerings — are tailored to the specific individual doing a ticket search.

At present, Marketview doesn’t include ancillary fees in its price displays, but Murphy said that capability will be added next year.

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ATPCO product gives airlines more pricing info from competitors: Travel Weekly.

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