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Autos and Taxis will get a fair hike, Ola/Uber surge pricing to be capped | ThePOST24

Mumbai Transport will get a major overhaul as the transport department has decided to hike the fare of Autos and Taxi by Rs 2 for both the modes of Mumbai Transport. BEST has already got an approval from its Managing committee and will decrease the minimum fare to ₹ 5 as suggested by BMC Commissioner Praveen Pardeshi. Ola/Uber which was not under any kind of government frame work will also have a cap on Surge pricing during Peak Hours. There is also Happy Hours that was suggested for Taxis during non-peak hours which was shot down.

The Auto and Taxi fares for Mumbai will see a hike of ₹ 2 as proposed by the Authorities. But the respective Unions are demanding increase of ₹ 6 and ₹ 3 for Autos and Taxis respectively. The reason the fares are not being hiked as per demand is that the demand for BEST will increase and demand for Autos and Taxis will decrease is what the government is citing. It is highly unlikely that Mumbaikars who prefer Autos and Taxis as a mode of transport will switch to BEST. Mainly for two reasons BEST is always crowded. Secondly frequency is so low that waiting times are extremely high.

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Autos and Taxis will get a fair hike, Ola/Uber surge pricing to be capped.

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