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Autotask Endpoint Backup is moving to a per-device fixed price for unlimited cloud storage, CEO Mark Cattini confirms. That shift should allow MSPs to more rapidly roll out endpoint backup to customers, he asserts. Cattini shared that milestone during a wide-ranging interview ahead of next week’s Autotask Community Live 2017 conference in Europe.

Part I of the ChannelE2E’s Cattini interview, focused on backup, is below. Part II will debut soon with deeper details about MSP market trends.

Autotask unveiled Endpoint Backup in September 2016. The platform leveraged SoonR, (aka Autotask Workplace), a file and sync technology acquired in 2015. Backed by R&D work and integrations with Autotask’s unified RMM-PSA platform, the initial backup offering had solid technology and made MSPs more efficient, Cattini asserts. But the financial model, Cattini concedes, needed some fine-tuning.

In recent months, Autotask closely studied a potential fixed price/unlimited storage model for the backup offering. “We needed to do the analytics,” says Cattini. “We studied the variables and we think this new pricing model can be a win for us and our service providers.”

Autotask quietly rolled out the fixed pricing model to its backup partners within the past two weeks. “Our acceleration has been a rocket ride since then,” Cattini asserts. So what are the actual costs for Autotask Endpoint Backup? Cattini didn’t say during our call but it sounds like he’ll share the details during the company’s European conference next week.

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