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Avis to Provide Rental Cars to Lyft Drivers | FutureCar

As part of the partnership, Avis will add thousands of vehicles to Lyft’s Express Drive program in North America, making it easier for people to drive for Lyft without owning a car. Lyft drivers will be able to reserve an Avis rental car right from the Lyft app. The service is rolling out in the next few months, and Avis will put some of its idle cars to work.

“With a global fleet of approximately 600,000 vehicles, we are well positioned to take advantage of the continued growth in the ride hailing space by providing on-demand access to a clean, safe and well-maintained vehicle for those who want to become ride hailing drivers,” said Joe Ferraro, president of the Americas at Avis.

Lyft, the number two ride-hailing company behind Uber, has been steadily rising in value, as the company finds new ways to expand and improve its business for both riders and drivers. Lyft’s valuation has grown substantially since 2016, from $5 billion to over $15 billion as it gains market share from Uber.

In 2012, Avis purchased car-sharing startup Zipcar, which offers hourly rentals. Zipcar has a program in Boston that lets Uber drivers rent cars for $12 per hour to pick up passengers.

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