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Ballot: Drivers oppose thought of paying toll to enter DC | Infosurhoy

Last month, New York City approved a similar downtown congestion toll, designed to make people think twice before adding to traffic.

On Tuesday, D.C. Council members voted in favor of a congestion-pricing study that will cost about $500,000.

“Traffic is already a constant inconvenience for District residents, and with the arrival of autonomous vehicles in the near future, the District may face even greater traffic congestion,” D.C. Council member Mary Cheh said earlier this month.

Cheh’s proposal from the Committee on Transportation and the Environment requires the results of the study be made public by July 2020.

“This study will provide the council with essential information on how the District could implement congestion pricing to help reduce the number of non-District drivers on our roads, including pricing strategies, and help identify any equity concerns that may exist and, of course, any legal constraints,” Cheh said.

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Ballot: Drivers oppose thought of paying toll to enter DC | Infosurhoy.

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