Big pharma pricing out of control: Letters to the editor | DelawareOnline

Our politicians seem helpless against the abusive pricing activities of pharmaceutical companies.  We’ve seen crazy levels of price increases both in patented drugs and in life saving generic products that have no legitimate reason for 1,000 percent increases just because they are near monopolies for the companies who have seized control of their manufacture and distribution.

Our politicians have been vocal in their outrage at the immoral increases and have demanded it stop.  Despite claims that they have heard the public outcry, prices have only continued to skyrocket.

I have a simple suggestion to make to our representatives in D.C. that requires no ingenuity or even any effort on their part to stop this madness.  All they have to do is declare they will not meet with lobbyists from the drug industry nor will they or their staff accept any political contributions from them until the industry comes forward with a convincing plan that will reverse this recent price gouging.

Of course, we recognize drug development is expensive and risky, but recent price levels are way beyond reasonable and are hurting vast segments of our society who simply cannot afford the drugs they so desperately need.

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Big pharma pricing out of control: Letters to the editor.