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Big Red Business: Road rivals raising football ticket prices | HuskerOnline.com

The good news: Price increases for season tickets are relatively small and shouldn’t snap your college football budget, especially for Nebraska fans who travel by the thousands to road games and have even been known to buy a rivals’ season tickets just to guarantee seats for the Nebraska game.

Of course, you can find deals by bypassing school ticket offices and shopping with brokers in the secondary market. And, road game ticket demand — and prices — will depend on the importance of the game, the performance of the Cornhuskers, and seat location.

Generally, the ticket broker said, few schools raise prices year over year. “Every three-to-five years,” he added, “you can expect some type of increase. But I think very few teams even have the ability to raise ticket prices because of attendance issues.”

More common, the broker said, is that the donations required to purchase season tickets will increase as opposed to the actual season ticket prices themselves.

This year, several other issues may be affecting football ticket prices and the need for more revenue — the addition of a tenth on-field football assistant coach, and changes in the federal tax law that no longer allow breaks on donations tied to college ticket packages.

As previously reported by HuskerOnline, Nebraska did not raise football season ticket prices for 2018 following a four-win season and amid worrisome signs of gameday no-shows and fan apathy.

But other conference schools on Nebraska’s road schedule did, along with conference rival Penn State, which raised ticket prices for the first time since 2009, but does not play Nebraska this year. In addition, national champion runner-up Georgia has hiked season ticket prices for the upcoming season.

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