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BLOG: Amazon PillPack: A solution to price gouging? | Healio

Cruising along Interstate 77, employing my Google-Fu and doing background research for a patent application (I’m a scientist! Who knew?!), I had an epiphany about how we can address at least some parts of our drug cost crisis. Admittedly this occurred while I was perusing Twitter (SQUIRREL!), but anyway there I was reading @ChrissyFarr’s latest scoop about health care.

In 2017 Amazon bought an online pharmacy called PillPack. As you can imagine, this has caused all kinds of distress in the pharmacy and pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) industries, their collective disclaimers to the contrary notwithstanding. Ms. Farr highlights how disingenuous they are when she reviews a lawsuit that has been brought by a PBM (CVS) that sought to prevent a prior employee from joining Amazon PillPack. It sure looks like the PBMs of the world are worried that Amazon will make an end around and negotiate directly with insurance companies to deliver medicine to patients.

New term: “disintermediate.” To cut out the middleman. Nice.

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BLOG: Amazon PillPack: A solution to price gouging?.

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