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Bobbejaanland to introduce pay-as-you-go pricing | blooloop

Bobbejaanland has scrapped its entry fee in favour of a pay-as-you-go app, where visitors only pay for the minutes that they are present in the park. Visits can cost as little as €0.12 per minute.
The innovative pricing structure will utilise an app called Tapperuse. The app has been used in children’s playgrounds, swimming pools and saunas. Payment will be processed through AfterPay.

The hourly cost comes to 7.20 euros per hour – but the price will never exceed that of a day ticket which is currently €35.50.

Wilbert Witkamp, ​​inventor of Tapperuse, told RTL News: “Our app should be an easy tool that lets you find leisure time spending where you can pay per minute.”

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Bobbejaanland to introduce pay-as-you-go pricing | blooloop.

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