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Boss of price comparison site goes to war with UK’s biggest undertaker | Daily Mail Online

A war of words between Britain’s biggest chain of undertakers and a specialist price comparison site has shattered the peace of the sombre world of funeral directors.

The website beyond.life – whose slogan is Don’t Get R.I.P.’D Off’ – and its colourful boss Ian Strang have accused undertakers Dignity of ‘profiteering’ from grief and failing to be transparent about its prices.

In turn, Dignity claims it is being misrepresented on the beyond.life website, with its prices unfairly made to look high in comparison with those of independent undertakers.

Now Dignity has threatened to take beyond.life to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The fierce row comes against a backdrop of a major investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) into rip-off pricing in the £2 billion funeral industry.

Prices have risen by three times the inflation rate over the past few years.

Dignity, with more than 800 branches across the country, found itself squarely in the firing line last November when a CMA interim report found it consistently had the highest profit margins of any large funeral chain in the Western world.

The chain promised to cut some of its prices and introduced a new ‘Simple’ range of no-frills funerals as the CMA launched an industry-wide investigation.

Beyond.life is the leading comparison website for funeral prices in the UK. Consumers use it to see the cheapest deals for funerals in their area.

The row began ten days ago when Dignity commercial director Steve Wallis wrote a 48-page letter to beyond.life formally requesting the removal of ‘misleading statements on your website’ and accusing it of breaching the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) code.

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Boss of price comparison site goes to war with UK’s biggest undertaker | Daily Mail Online.

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