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Boycott: Sidi Ali Blames Prices on Taxes, Angers Boycotters | Morocco World News

Prices Remain the Same

Refuting the claims of boycotters, who said that the company has monopolized the Moroccan market and increased its prices, Sidi Ali wrote that it made a decision not to “increase the selling prices of all bottle sizes since 2010.”  The decision was taken “despite steady inflation and the increase of the costs of items,” including taxes and raw materials.

The statement added that Sidi Ali bottles of 1.5 litres are distributed at the recommended prices of MAD 5 in supermarkets and MAD 5.50 at small retailers. According to the statement, the prices can be “freely modified” based on Law 06-99 on the freedom of pricing.


Sidi Ali’s response has not satisfied the demands of boycotters. The statement received widespread backlash from Moroccan online activists.

“Everyone knows that in other countries, mineral waters and spring waters are much cheaper than ours. In Morocco, the purchasing power is higher. In some countries, these waters are even free,” argued one angry commenter.

Another consumer wrote that Sidi Ali is “refusing to lower its prices and asks Moroccans to pay more instead.”

Sidi Ali’s response came after Centrale Danone’s reaction to the boycott last week. Centrale Danone published a statement denying that it had increased the price of its dairy products.

“Conscious of the value of milk and its health benefits, Centrale Danone has maintained the price of milk since July 2013, despite continuous rise of its production expenses.”

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Boycott: Sidi Ali Blames Prices on Taxes, Angers Boycotters.