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Brace for costly Uber & Ola rides as K’taka ups base taxi fares | Moneycontrol.com

The notification also prescribed a fixed charge for waiting – free for the first 20 minutes, and Rs 10 for every 15 minutes thereafter.

Cars costing between Rs 5 and 10 lakh will attract a charge of Rs 52 for first four kilometres, with the same slab of dynamic pricing as in small car category.

For a car costing more than Rs 10 lakh and within Rs 16 lakh, the base fare for first four kilometres is set at Rs 68. Thereafter a maximum of Rs 34 per km and minimum of Rs 16 per can be charged.

Fares in luxury cars, costing over Rs 16 lakh will cost Rs 80 for the first four kilometres, thereafter maximum of Rs 45 per km and a minimum of Rs 20 will be applicable.

Until now, cab aggregators like Ola and Uber were free to surge prices according to their internal calculation of peak demand time.

The state had opposed the move. It had banned surge pricing by cab aggregators last year.

Cab aggregators had strongly protested against it, saying dynamic pricing is integral to them and helped in regulating demand and supply in peak times.

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Brace for costly Uber & Ola rides as K’taka ups base taxi fares – Moneycontrol.com.