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Bruce Springsteen Saves Broadway Box Office From Winter Freeze | Forbes

After a planned break from his incredibly successful gig on Broadway, Bruce Springsteen returned to the stage this week – and brought a windfall with him.

His show, Springsteen On Broadway (natch), racked up $2.4 million in sales, which is par for the course since it opened in October. Playing just five times a week, it commands the highest average ticket price in Broadway history, at $508 a pop.

Which is great news for the overall industry bottom line, because most other shows weren’t doing so hot.

Hamilton continues to gross over $3 million most weeks, with Hello, Dolly! often right behind. Both shows benefit from eye-watering premium prices ($849 and $996 respectively), and the Rialto as a whole is fueled by dynamic pricing, which extracts the maximum amount of cash from buyers, based on perceived demand.

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Bruce Springsteen Saves Broadway Box Office From Winter Freeze.

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