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It’s no secret why Australians are struggling to buy a home: house prices have skyrocketed and wages have stagnated.
It’s not rocket science, and for many, ‘the great Australian dream’ of owning a property is feeling likely that it’ll stay exactly that: a dream.

But even those who are financially fortunate enough to get on the property ladder, the confusion of home loans is a significant barrier to making that first step.

For Georgina Gravanis, a public relations executive, and her husband Josh Smith, a general manager, there was a complicated, two-year, back-and-forth process when they were buying their southern Sydney beach-side apartment.

Georgina and Josh were looking to buy their first home. Photo: Supplied.
“Our apprehensions were largely around whether we were going to get approved, as the home we purchased was much more than we had initially set as a price guide,” she told ten daily.

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Buying Homes | ten daily.

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