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Cabbies fear more suicides next year amid financial struggles | New York Post

The “congestion pricing” surcharge on all Big Apple taxi rides that begins in January will lead to even more cabdriver suicides, drivers and activists warned at a City Council hearing Monday.

“This year, there have been eight suicides, and next year, with the $2.50 on our backs, there will be more than 10,” taxi driver Nicolae Hent predicted.

Hent was the best friend of Nicanor Ochisor, who hanged himself in his garage in April — one of eight for-hire drivers who committed suicide in the past year over a loss of business and plummeting medallion prices.

The state passed a truncated congestion pricing plan earlier this year that created a surcharge for all for-hire rides. It will cost an extra $2.50 for taxis, $2.75 for Uber, Lyft or other black cars and 75 cents for ride-shares.

Congestion-pricing advocates had hoped that private vehicles would also be subject to fees, but the state Legislature didn’t pass that version. They’re still banking on it happening in 2019.

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Cabbies fear more suicides next year amid financial struggles.

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